Sunday, November 29, 2009

susu kambing

Dalam kesibukan tugas harian, kadangkala kita abaikan kesihatan sendiri. Hari ini saya berkenalan dengan seorang wanita yang mempunyai azam dan cita2 yang sama. Dia perkenalkan saya susu kambing.
Saya minum susu setiap hari, maka dengan ada nya susu kambing, selera mungkin bertambah. Balik kerumah, saya pun minum satu sachet. Susu kambing jenama Hi Goat.... ok rasanya. Tidak ada bau kambing!!
Mungkin saya akan guna susu kambing ini dalam setiap recipe sebagai ganti santan.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

rice bowl

Mention "rice bowl" and we are reminded of Kedah state being the main rice area for the country. This is a nick name.
Today, we live in an age where we use gadgets to help us do things fast and easy. The electric rice cooker is one the greatest inventions for Asians. Every household has got at least one unit.
The rice bowl in the cooker is normally made of aluminium material. As we wash the rice, the aluminium tends to be scraped off and get into the rice ...and later enter our bodies!! Are we aware of the effects of aluminium poisoning? According to the Institute of Health, USA, prolonged exposure to aluminium poisoning could be risky to our health, particularly to those suffering from renal or kidney problems.
We cook rice for our family everyday. Can we also protect our family from health disorders? Yes, we can. We can replace the aluminium rice bowl with stainless steel rice bowl. These are available from agents selling these products. Ask and you shall be shown.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

healthy cooking practices

These days when we are constantly made aware of the dangers in the food that we eat, I adopt the safe way of making sure that what we eat is close to 100% safe. From the ingredients to the utensils and the methods of food preparation... we as parents ought to be concerned. We want to be seen as executors of good practices. Our children will inherit our way of doing things and treat them as norms.
Foremost in my kitchen.... the cooking pots and utensils are all made of stainless steel. We cook rice almost everyday. I used to have the conventional one with innerpot made of Aluminium. Fear of Aluminium scrapings in my rice made me look for alternatives. So I bought the innerpot (or rice bowl) made of stainless steel to replace the Aluminium one. With this stainless steel innerpot , I do not fear of rice being contaminated with Aluminium scrapings.
I am very satisfied with this product.
If you are interested to know more, feel free to contact me,
Regards .... Fawziah 016-2488605 or email:

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Thank you for visiting my blog.
I am a keen believer in health and fitness. The food that I eat or the clothes that I wear all have a bearing on health issues. Of course I do not wear leaves and barks of trees. The cookware that I use at home also reflects health concerns: I use stainless steel pots and pans.
I also appreciate anything to do with recycling as I believe that everyone of us has a duty to preserve and conserve nature.
Should you have a word or idea to share, please come aboard.
Thank you. Fawziah.